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What's Going On?

The deadline for the Spring 2015 AEM Scholarship for Empresarios is November 1st! To apply, click the link below:

AEM Scholarship for Empresarios Congratulations to Bianca Del Toro our Summer 2014 AEM Scholarship Winner! Thank you to the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos for making this happen! Read her winning essay here!

Click here for the AEM_Scholarship_Application

Our Program

Each year the Cash for College program helps more than 1,000 students with the financial aid process so they may have access to more grants and scholarships. Our IRS-certified staff can answers questions about all aspects of financial aid, including school verification, IRS retrieval, ordering tax transcripts, dependent vs. independent status and more.

We do this by offering a variety of services:
  • FAFSA Preparation
  • TASFA Preparation for undocumented or D.A.C.A. students
  • FAFSA 4Caster for middle and high school students
  • One-on-One Scholarship Mentoring
  • Scholarship Workshops

Program Contact

Aida Ramirez, Cash for College Program Administrator


Our Cash for College program is available households with an annual income below $50,000.

Get Financial Aid

FAFSA Preparation

The FAFSA is used to apply for federal financial aid (grants, work-study, loans). Colleges and universities require the FAFSA as the first step in the financial aid process. This application is also used to award some state and college aid. The FAFSA application is free an we will help you fill it out and inform you of your next steps. To find out more about Federal Student Aid, click here.

TASFA Preparation

If you are not a permanent resident or U.S. Citizen you may still qualify for state financial aid through the TASFA. Students qualifying for state residency are eligbile to apply for the TASFA and can schedule an appointment for free assistance! Find out if your school accepts the TASFA by checking Appendix A of the application. Learn more about the TAFSA here. If you have received a social security number through Deferred Action (D.A.C.A.), you are also required to fill out this form for financial aid.

Schedule an Appointment for Financial Aid Assistance

Call (512)610.4012 or email

What You Should Bring With You

The FAFSA and TASFA noth require personal and financial information. However, the information you need is determined by your status as either an independent or depended student. 

You are an independent student if:
  • You are 24 or older -or-
  • You are married -or-
  • You have dependents who receive more than half their support from you
You are a dependent student if:
  • You are under 24 years of age -and-
  • You are not married -and-
  • You do not have dependents who receive more than half their support from you
Once you determine your status, click here to see what you need to bring with you.

Scholarship Mentoring

Our volunteer Scholarship Mentors help students one-on-one with getting organized, searching for scholarships, reviewing applications, essays and more. The job of the mentor is not only to help the student complete his or her application, but also to encourage the work ethic needed to succeed in the scholarship hunt and college life alike.

Schedule an Appointment with a Scholarship Mentor*

When scheduling an appointment please tell us when you are starting school, what college you plan to attend and if you know of any grants, scholarships or loans that you already qualify for.

*Our Scholarship Mentors meet with students on a volunteer basis. If you are unable to make an appointment, please call (512) 610-4026 with as much advance notice as possible to reschedule.

What You Should Bring with You for Scholarship Mentoring

We suggest you bring the following items if you have them. If you don't have them, we'll help you get organized!

  • 3-ring binder
  • Your resume
  • A list of 3 references who might be willing to write you a letter of recommendation
  • Login information for your FAFSA, your school's online account and any scholarships you've already started

Students Grades 6 - 11

The first step in going to college is starting to prepare early. The Cash for College Program has resources for students and parents starting as early as 6th grade. At each appointment we start by filling out the FAFSA 4Caster to help families predict how much financial aid the student will qualify for and how much it will cost to attend college. To access the 4Caster, visit and click under "Thinking about College?"

Middle School Students will learn about: Pre-AP courses, high school credit courses, choosing electives that align with career choice, saving for college, community organizations that support college culture, finding and applying for scholarships.

High School Students will learn about: Pre-AP/AP courses, graduation plans & requirements, choosing electives that align with career choice, saving for college, community organizations that support college culture, college credit courses, finding and applying to scholarships.

Schedule an Appointment for Students Grades 6-11

Call (512)610-4012 or email

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