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Income Tax Preparation


Year-Round Tax Center

Do you need help filing past returns, applying for an ITIN, responding to the IRS, or correcting or amending a past year return, but missed the April 15th deadline? At our Community Financial Center (2600 West Stassney Lane, Austin, TX  78745) we prepare taxes June - October.  For a flyer click here!  We accept walk-ins and appointments. 

Tuesdays 1pm - 7pm
Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm 
Thursdays 1pm - 7pm 

Second Saturday of every month 9am - 1pm (June 14th, July 12th, August 9th, September 13, and October 11th) 

CLOSED:  September 2-4 (Labor Day weekend) 

Program Contact
(512) 610-7374


We prepare taxes for free for individuals and families who make less than $50,000 annually.   If your household size is greater than 4, then we increase the income eligiblity by $5,000 for each additional family member. 

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are available to clients with basic tax returns. A basic return includes returns with the following items: W2s, child care expenses, interest/dividend statements, property taxes, mortgage interest statements and student loan interest statements. To schedule an appointment, please call 512-610-7374 or email  You can expect a response within 3 business days.    

we ASL/Deaf/hard of hearing  please email or call 512-610-7374 to schedule an appointment with an interpreter.

What to Bring

Use this this easy checklist to make sure you have everything you need to have your taxes prepared.  En Español

Frequently Asked Questions

Question about taxes you filed with us?  

Email or call 512-610-7374.   We will do our best to return your phone call as soon as possible.  

Where's my refund?  

If you haven't received your refund yet, go to and use their "Where's my refund?"  tool on the right hand side of the page.  You'll need your tax return handy.  

Ready to file on your own?

If you are comfortable using a computer and would like to prepare your own taxes without paying for the software, we'll recommend a self-prep software available through this website.  It's fast, easy and free if you make under $52,000 annually.  Click here to get started!  If you run into any questions while preparing your return, please send an email to  

Where can I get a copy of my tax return transcript or tax account transcript?

Click here for an easy-to-use guide on tax transcripts.

Are you experiencing issues with the IRS?

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) may be able to help. TAP is a Federal Advisory Committee made up of volunteers. Based on feedback from the public, TAP members are dedicated to helping taxpayers improve IRS customer service and responsiveness to taxpayer needs. Click here for more information or call 1-888-912-1227.

Do you only prepare taxes in Austin?

During filing season, we have four locations in Austin and one location at the Round Rock Public Library. Our year-round tax center is only available at our Community Financial Center Other organizations offer free tax-prep in Williamson County; click here for a list of those sites. We also prepare taxes in the Dallas/Fort Worth, click here for information on those sites.  For a list of all free-tax prep sites nationally, click here.

How can I volunteer at a Community Tax Center? 

 Our tax centers rely upon hundreds of volunteers who serve as tax preparers, client liasons, and translators.  We begin volutneer recruitment in October 2014 for the 2015 tax season.  For more information about volunteering email  

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