Our Donors

"Home is where one starts from." — T.S. Eliot

The work we do starts with people — families and individuals trying to improve their own lives — and the people who help make that happen through their gifts of resources and time. We can't thank our donors and investors enough.

M station ground breakingCorporate Partners

Alori Properties
Ameriprise Financial
Applied Materials
Bank of America
Capital One
BBVA Compass Bank
Dell Direct Giving
Frost Bank
Goldman Sachs
Gracy Title
H-E-B Community Investment Program
JP Morgan Chase
Long Motors
Merril Lynch
Omni American Bank
Realty Austin
Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
SXSW, Inc.
Wells Fargo


Bradford Family Foundations
The Boone Family Foundation
Citi Foundation
Dell Foundation
Enterprise Community PartnersCheck presentation
G.L. & Pauline Suffredini Family Trust
Harris Family Foundation
KDK Harman Foundation
Kimberley Koonce Family Foundation
KLE Foundation
Meadows Foundation
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation
St. David's Foundation
William and Salome Scanlan Foundation
Tiger Woods Foundation
Topfer Family Foundation
Racahel & Ben Vaughan Foundation


M station supporters


Austin Independent School District
City of Austin Health & Human Services
City of Round Rock
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
Internal Revenue Service
Travis CountyCommunity Fundera
Beta Kappa Gamma
Central Presbyterian Church
Congregation Beth Israel
Junior League of Austin
National Fund for Enterprise Development
NeighborWorks America
United Way for Greater Austin
United way of Tarrant County

Foundation Communities Home Builders

This leadership circle of multi-year donors lives in a special place in our hearts.

Lee and Paula Aaronson
Gina Akin
Tim League
Lew Aldridge
Joe Labahn and Lauren Alexander
Laura Alexander and Steve Roberts
Elizabeth Alford and Michael Young
Josh Allen
Larry and Kathryn Anderson
Susan Ansorge
Kay Arnold and Tom Edge
Carol Arnold and Virgil Yarbrough
Jim and Patty Arnold
Becky Arreaga and Lynn Currie
Jewel Arrington and Paul Van Osselaer
Guner Arslan
Tom and Robbie Ausley
Bob and Patricia Ayres
Sonya Band
Chuck and Judy Barbato
Dorsey Barger and Susan Hausman
Winona Barron
Roger A. Bartlett
Karen Bartoletti
Becky Beaver
Ken and Joyce Beck
Alan Bergstrom
LeAnn Billups
Vicki and Steven Blachman
Paula Blaha
Tom and Debbie Blair
Hayden and Michael Blood
Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright
Valinda Bolton and Andy Hathcock
Michelle and Ray Bonilla
Aimee B. Boone
Jeb and Nada Lulic Boyt
Elizabeth and Jim Bradbury
Gaye Brewer
Raymond and Karen Brimble
Joe Brown
Erika and Bick Brown
Joe and Charlotte Bumbulis
Ty Burcham
Doug Burns
Joy Butler and Pat Kelly
Nancy Byrd and Bill Moore
Clay Byrne
Paul and Shannon Cameron
Debbie and Lee Cameron
Sarah Campbell
Pat Campbell and Don Carnes
Carol Dochen
David Case
Perla Cavazos
Dennis and Chris Cavner
Amy Chamberlain
Elizabeth and Nathaniel Chapin
Socar Chatmon-Thomas
Tom Chmielewski and Eliza Platts-Mills
Ken and Laura Scanlan Cho
Joyce Christiano
Tana Christie
Michael Chu
Ken and Mercedes Ciani
Cari Clark and Mike Valigura
Andrew and Amy Clements
James L. Clouser
Christina and Travis Cohee
A. Elizabeth Colvin
Tim and Nancy Comerford
Carrie Contey
Frank and Lynn Cooksey
Jackie Cordry
Sara Courington
Ken Craig
Merri Cronk
Elizabeth Crook and Marc Lewis
Karin Crump and Omar Samman
Helen Currie and Lawrence Foster
John Burnham
Morris Daugherty
Yolanda Davila
Chris and Jennifer Davis
Mandy Dealey
Bill and Diane DeMeo
George and Danielle Deuillet
Mary and Charles Dickerson
Herb Dickson and Sandra Villalaz
Wendy Dunnam Tita
Marianne S. Dwight
Ann and John Howard
Helen Eisert
Jeanne Marie Ellis
Ben Davis
Fran Eversley
Day and Mark Fariss
Frances Ferguson
Kristin Fischer
Scott and Kate Flack
Stephen Frankel
Mary Ann Frishman
John and Cristina Fuerst
Helen Gaebler and David Adelman
William and Regan Gammon
Cheryl and Jim George
Lora Ann and Steve Gerson
Carol Gibbs
Betsy and Alan Glen
Brian and Shannon Goldberg
Eva Gonzales
Angelique Goodnough
Dick and Linda Goss
Ann S. Graham and Arlen W. Johnson
Dara Gray
Meredith Gray
Christi Greene
Frances Greene
Susan Griffith
Vive Griffith and Chris Cavello
Andrea Griswold and Larry Graham
Anthony and My-Cherie Haley
Danny Hamilton and Paul Hilliard
Josh Haney
Margaret Harren
Bruce Elfant and Lisa Harris
Eric Hartzell
Jeff and Kimber Hastings
Tom Hatch
Halea and Tim Hayden
Scott Hayes
Lauren Varner and David Haynes
Todd and Shelly Hemingson
Fred Higgins
Gina Hinojosa
Erin Hinzmann and Mike Ryan
Deborah Hornickel
Mary Anne Hoskins
Katie Howard
Joan and Paul Hudson
Julian Huerta
Amy and Patrick Huff
Robert Hummel
Michaelanne Hurst
Jeff and Candace Hutchens
Joan Hyde
Imagecraft Exhibits
Dr. Mary Ellen Isaacs and Ted Dix
Kathy Jacobs
Elisabeth Jeep
Ellen Jockusch
Kimberli and Scott Joffe
Patton and Katherine Jones
Theresa Jones
Jennifer Jones and Stu Scruggs
Ricky Joshi
Jack Joyce
Fayez Kazi
Nora Keane
Frana Keith
Michael F. Kellerman
Bob Kendrick and Robbie Edwards
Travis and Gina Kenney
Jim and Carolyn Kerr
Karen and Robert Kilgore
Julie Killingsworth and Tony D'Anna
Frank and Cynthia Kittredge
Linda S. Komm
Kimberley and Kelly Koonce
Jennifer Korba
Michelle Krejci and Colin Wallis
Tammy Bazar Kress and Tim Kress
Ann Kriss
Fran Langfitt
Eleanor M. Langsdorf
Darlene Lanham
Tony Laurel
Michael and Kendall Law
Mimi Le
Justin P. Leahy
Max and Dana Leaman
Virginia Lebermann and John Wotowicz
Angela and James Lennon
Courtney Lepore
Carey Leva and Elizabeth Danon-Leva
Rachel Lomas
Jim Lommori
Chris Long
Jennifer Long
Carlos & Jennifer Lopez
Claudette Lowe
Ed and Eileen Lundy
Karen Macko
Nancy Maclaine
Beth and David Malitz
Taline Manassian
Michael and Lindsay Maresh
Freddy Marichal and Eileen Smith
Ana Maria Marsland-Griffith
John and Margaretta Mathis
Karen Mayes
Tim and Debbie McBrearty
Michael McCants
Mark and Elisa McCrimmon
Katherine 'KC' McDaniel
John and Jill McFarland
Sherry and Tim McGillicuddy
William and Melanie McLeroy
David McMillan
Kim and Kevin McPherson
Standish Meacham
Laura Merritt and J.P. Kloninger
Wolf and Marianne Metzner
Mike and Alice Kuhn
Bill and Camille Miller
Chryisse and Keith Miller
Wendy and Rob Milman
Terry and Patricia Mitchell
Molly Mitchell
Cile Montgomery
Denise Moody
Moody National Bank
Walter and Carolyn Moreau
Emily Moreland
Peggy Morton
Paul Mowry
Elizabeth Mueller and Michael Oden
Jeri and John Muhich
Sondra Murray
Peachy Myers
John and Brandi Myers
Suzy, Scott, Gus & Charlie Myers Jackson
Evvie Nazro
Joy Horak-Brown
Charles and Kristina Newman
Caroline Newman and Jacob Phillips
MaiTrang Nguyen
Nate Nickerson
Jim Norman
Teri O'Glee
June Oliver
Gabriel Ornelas
John M. Orr
Donna and William Osborn
Joe and Carolyn Osborn
Steve and Ros Overby
Greg and Mary Elizabeth Owens
Melinda and Ray Pawlikowski
Mike and Leslie Pearson
Melissa Pepper
Kathryn Pew
Michael and Sue Phillips
David and Mary Ellen Pietruszynski
Robert Pilgrim
Jennita G. Poston
Pride of Austin Capital Partners
Jason and Kerri Qunell
Varun and Khushboo Rai
Pauravi K. Rana, M.D.
Bob Rankin
Ande and Beth Rasmussen
Sara and Dick Rathgeber
Doug and Joy Rauls
Ann Rayborn
Teresa Recar
Bill and Suzy Reid
Kirk Rice
Gina and Marty Richardson
John Richardson
John and Frances Rickard
Ruby Roa
Bob and Kristin Roberts
Kindra and Carlos Rodriguez
Beau and Kathryn Ross
Gaye Rothman
Dr. Suanne and Dr. John Roueche
Nikki Rowling and Chris Castle
Lynn Rubinett and Richard Levy
Lynne Russell
Jeanmarie Rust
Martha-Cary Sadler
Phil and Kay Sanders
Mary Sanger
Libby Santos
David & Stephanie Savage
John and Maggie Savage
TJ and Staci Schultz
Steve and Jodi Semelsberger
Selina Serna and Martin Wiedenmeier
Ed and Molly Sharpe
Gretchen Shartle
Jayson Shaw
James Daniel Shead
Robin and Gene Shepherd
Sheryl Sherman
Mark Shields
Andrew Shih
Matthew and Paige Shoberg
Susie and Jesse Shockley
Patti Shook
Donna Simmons
Bill and Audrey Simmons
Joe and Melissa Skidmore
Jan Soifer and Pat O'Connell
Suzi M. Sosa
Jerry and Rejina Southard
Scott Spangler
Susan Steeg
Eric and Shari Stein
Tony and Leigh Stein
John Stevenson
Laura and Andrew Stewart
Liz and Duff Stewart
Matt and Tiffany Stillwell
Susan Stone, J.D., M.D. and Jim Van Norman
Mickey and Vivian Stratton
Charles Studor and Robin Melvin
James and Lecia Sud
Maury Sullivan and Todd Pruner
David Tandy
Janie Taylor
Linda Team
Tom and Colleen Terkel
Bob and Peggy Thompson
J.S. Thornton
Paul and Michelle Tobias
Adam Toguchi
Kathie Tovo and Tom Hurt
Paul and Jamie Trahan
Mary Trentham
Ben Trotter
John and Lisa Tully
Kathy Tyler
Diane Umstead and Rex Van Middlesworth
Libby Valenti
Tom and Gena Van Osselaer
Lee Walker and Jennifer Vickers
Martha Koock Ward
Lacey Warren and Chris Brown
Catherine Weaver
Greg and Jessica Weaver
Neil Webber
Caroline Morris and Jonathan Wei
Alisa Weldon and Lynn Yeldell
Redge Westbrook
Andy & Karen White
Georgian Whitenight and Leigh Mires
Mary Willis
Beth Wilson
Kirk Wilson and Donna Johnson
Elizabeth and Thomas Winslow
Cornelia Wolf and Samuel Wilson
Carrie York
Cacki and Stacy Young
Stanford Young
Kathie Younghans
Robert Zirkel

 Note: If we have listed you incorrectly or do not see your name and you are a current Home Builder, please accept our apology and contact Jeff Zick at jeff.zick@foundcom.org or (512) 610-4006. Thank you!